Rapid Chain is an innovative digital meet platform that eliminates the complexity of order and distribution management over a single warehouse. Rapid Chain enables orders to be distributed from the closest store/branch/office to the customer. Another target of Rapid Chain is transforming the member companies into a local supplier.


Unlike the conventional methods where orders are packaged, distributed from a single main warehouse, the Rapid Chain system aims to meet urgent delivery request of customer from the place closest to the order point. According to the received order details, the stock status of the nearest member company is being checked and the availability of the product is being confirmed. By getting the confirmation, products that have been ordered are supplied through the system and the sales order is completed. You don’t need to create your own website to market your products. It would be rather easier for you to be a member of Rapid Chain network where you can manage your marketing activities with companies who are operating in the same sector. With the help of Rapid Chain Corporate Application, you offer location-based solutions to your customers.


Rapid Chain was founded in 2018 by AB PLUS who is one of the pioneer companies in location-based technologies in Turkey. Thanks to Rapid Chain‘s business model supported by artificial intelligence algorithms; While companies gain speed and efficiency in their supply/delivery chain processes, they can reach thousands of suppliers, potential customers and manage their orders more effectively. Individual users can easily fulfill their needs from the nearest location. All companies that carry out sales activities from textiles, books, household goods, electronic goods, without product separation can become members. The member companies can serve as a local supplier in their own categories. Member companies may operate as part of this system even if they do not have a professional stock control program. In response to order notifications from the application, they can manually report their stock status.